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This game is a masterpiece. (long post)

I love this game so much. I have been paying for this game for 5-7 years and my opinion has never changed. Everything is just so good. I am not going to put a section about side quests because I cover a few side quests in a few sections. I will briefly cover the main parts of the base game. ( maybe I will make a post covering the amazing DLC) SPOILERS AHEAD. I apologize in advance for tangents, grammatical and spelling issues.
TLDR at the bottom
The way NV starts is a pretty good. It teaches you about the aspects of the game in the small town of Goodsprings. In "Ghost Town Gunfight", the game teaches you about skill checks. To convince Chet to help you pass a barter check, to convince Easy Pete, you pass an explosive check, Trudy requires a speech check, and Doc Mitchell requires a medicine check if you choose to do "Run Goodsprings Run". It also teaches you about the reputation with the two quests I just mentioned. If you help the Powder Gangers, they will like you, at the cost of wiping out Goodsprings, and if you choose to help the town, the Powder Gang hates you, but Goodsprings likes you.

Morality is not black and white in NV for the most part. For example, in the quest "The White Wash", you are asked to investigate the case of NCR Corporal White, a soldier who went missing. You face a dilemma at the end when you find out that a Follower Of The Apocalypse is taking water from the NCR to give to the people of Westside who really need it. He tells you that he killed White to hide the secret about the water, and he feels bad about it. So you have to choose what you think is the best option, do you (A) tell the NCR that their water is being stolen so they can use it, or (B) do you keep the secret at the cost of some NCR working peoples livelihoods? There is no clear good or clear bad, it's all grey. Of course there are some obviously evil people in NV like the Fiends, especially Cook-Cook. But there is a lot, and I mean a LOT of grey.

The minor factions are really great in NV. You obviously have the Brotherhood of Steel, the tech hoarders themselves. But there are also other small factions, like the Followers of The Apocalypse. They are a group of scientists and doctors whose purpose is to help people (I believe they debuted in the original Fallout. Can't remember if it was the first or second one.) You also have the Great Khans, a group of nomads who are modeled after the Mongolians. They raid, take chems, sell chems, and kill anyone who gets in their way. But as I said earlier, the morality is not black and white. The Khans hate the NCR because of the Bitter Springs Massacre, an incident in which the NCR slaughtered Khan women, elders, and children. There is also the Boomers. The Boomers are a group of former vault dwellers who stay at Nellis Airforce base and shoot at any outsiders. This is because they do not trust them, but you can help them to prove that outsiders are not as bad as they think. The last minor factions I will cover are the Families of the Strip. The Omertas are an old school mafia inspired group that run the Gomorrah casino. They have shady business that ranges from abusing the prostitutes to killing everyone in the Strip for Caesar's Legion. The White Gloves are a society of people who see themselves as above everyone else in class. They run the Ultra Luxe casino. But there are a handful in the society who want to bring back their old tribal tradition of cannibalism. The Chairmen run the Tops casino and they are the "coolest" family. They use old school slang and are the most laid back family.

The companions are great. Although I want to cover every single detail about every companion, I will limit myself to brief explanations on my 2 favorite companions (I love the other but do not have the time to cover them) and why I like them.
I will cover Arcade Gannon first. I love Arcade so much as a character. He is a Follower of The Apocolypse and he has an interesting origin and great writing. He has an intense hatred for Caesar's Legion. You trigger his personal quest by siding with anyone but the Legion (and maybe House. I have never tried siding with House while Arcade was in my company). He pulls you aside at certain places and, depending on how you reply, makes him like, or dislike you more. When you reach max affinity, he pulls you aside and reveals his story. He was born in the Enclave and he wants you to reunite the remnants that he knows to fight against the Legion at Hoover Dam. You can tell Arcade to stay in Freeside as a doctor to help people in the aftermath of the battle or you can tell him to fight with the remnants. If you tell him to stay in Freeside, he will give you his fathers Enclave tesla armor. If you tell him to fight, he will wear the armor at the battle for the dam. You will be rewarded with power armor training and remnants power armor. This will affect (effect?) his fate in the ending slides.
The other companion I will cover is Boone. He is former NCR First Recon sniper who participated in the Bitter Springs Massacre that I mentioned earlier. You meet him in Novac and he asks you to find the person who sold his wife into slavery. You can either find who did it or you can make him kill a random person of your choice. By doing things he like and asking him about his past, Boone will open up about the Massacre and you can take him to Bitter Springs. After killing Many Legion bois, you can tell Boone to let go of the past and he will finally move on, or you can tell him to become vengeful and more aggressive. This will affect(effect?) his fate in the ending slides.

To keep this very short, the main plot is to decide who should win the second battle for the Hoover Dam. Your choices are the NCR, Caesar's Legion, Mr. House, an independent Vegas with the help of Yes Man.

The New California Republic is a, well, a republic whose goal is to recreate the government of the old world, like the U.S government. It is a bureaucracy and has the positives and negatives of one. The characters in the NCR are diverse and very well written. Like how Colonel Hsu is a sensible and calm man who can resolve violent situations, as seen in the "Kings Gambit" quest where if you go to Hsu, he offers Freeside extra food and water to stop the violence. But in the same quest, you can tell Colonel Moore about the Freeside situation. Moore is a no nonsense lady who will not hesitate to fight violence with violence, which is what happens if you tell her about the Freeside situation. She sends a squad of soldiers and you to the Kings school to give the King an ultimatum. In conclusion, the NCR is an army that wishes to use the governing methods of old world America. But they also have the flaws of that system, like corruption.

Caesar's Legion is more than a faux Roman Empire. Caesar is a man who is educated on the old world, on old world government and was even an NCR citizen and Follower of The Apocolypse. Caesar thinks that the best way to lead is through dictator control. He tells you this when you ask him about President Aaron Kimball. He says that democracy slows down progress. He actually has an amount of respect for Kimball. The Legion is made up of 86 tribes that Caesar has conquered. These tribals are stripped of their identity and are indoctrinated into essentially worshipping Caesar as a living deity, as Arcade Gannon said. The legion does not believe in modern medicine. They only use "natural" sources of healing like powder. Which is not great when (plot twist) you find out about Caesar's brain tumor. Lets talk about how women are used in the Legion. Woman are used as slaves and mates for the men. When tribes are conquered, the women are forced into slavery, while the boys and young men are made into Legion soldiers. The Legion see's women as less than men. The men are trained to fear their leaders rather than their enemies, because if they fail, they are killed, like what Caesar attempted to do to Joshua Graham when the Legion lost the First Battle for Hoover Dam. The Legate Lanius, who probably has the best voice in the game, is a figure of fear. He kills anyone that gets in his way and has been a full member of the Legion since he was a child. Caesar says that Lanius has no care for the men of the legion. In conclusion, the Legion is a slaver group that is led by an educated warlord who has interesting philosophies.

Robert Edwin House is the founder of RobCo, the company responsible for many of creations in Fallout including the Pip Boy. He predicted the Great War and prepared to survive it, through weird means. The platinum Chip was running late for delivery while the Great War started, so House did not get it. House is very interesting. He is very smart, yet makes very risky gambles, like trusting you (a stranger) in not destroying his secret army of robots. He single handedly saved Vegas from the war and built it up again. He wants you to help him fulfill his wishes for the future. He thinks he deserves the Dam because of what he can do for Vegas. His plan is to remove the Legion and lower the influence of the NCR in the Mojave so that he can bring back the glory of pre war Las Vegas. As another redditor said on the fallout subreddit, House seems to be the only one with long term plans for the future, whether they are good or bad is your opinion. In conclusion, Mr. House is an ambitious man with ambitious plans for Vegas and the Mojave. He is very confident in himself and his ability to predict the outcome of situations.

This is going to be the shortest description. Benny had help reprogramming a securitron to help with anything, most notably taking over Vegas. You choose what factions you like and which ones you do not like and you kick both the Legion and the NCR out of the Mojave wasteland to establish independence.
This game is a game where you have complete freedom. You don't like Caesar, go ahead and kill him. There's no quest to do it, but you can still do it. You can kill anyone you want and you can make many decisions that impact the world. If you allow the NCR train to blow up, or if you do it yourself with the Legion, people will talk about it. I made a post showing Legate Lanius's reaction to you confronting him while wearing Legion faction armor. Obsidian has done such an amazing job putting so much detail in this game. Another example of detail is wiping out Camp Forlorn Hope. The NCR will talk about that if you do it then talk to the troopers. There are more examples of this that you will see during your own gameplay.


The games world is so good. The world is great, especially from a 2010 game. The locations are great. The unmarked spots like the Sarsaparilla sign where the Lonesome Drifter is are pretty cool. The spot where you find a dead person with remnants power armor is a pleasant surprise if you just find while exploring. I also feel very immersed in the world when I'm just walking around and see a legion patrolling or NCR patrolling.
A few Oxhorn videos

TLDR: I love Fallout: New Vegas.
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Real Target: 9099-19W5

Target reveal!
This is a personal ARV target and will not have feedback other than my guess on the outcome.
This was an ARV target to answer a question about a person I know. They were recently let go from a job, and while it may not have been 100% part of the reason they were let go, there were accusations swirling around them from someone else (that didn't really like them) that they person I know had committed a number of crimes while on the job. To be honest, I didn't think it was likely, but it wasn't necessarily impossible, either. I'd rather not get into details, but this was more or less if the people that know him as a flawed but decent guy were missing something the whole time. The target/tasking (minus personal info) were:
9099-19W5: If [name of person] committed [specific crime that was rumored to have occurred] between 2010 and 2020, then the viewer will describe the capital pillars located at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. ONLY.
9099-19W5: If [name of person] did NOT commit [specific crime that was rumored to have occurred] between 2010 and 2020, then the viewer will describe the main gaming floor at the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas, NV. ONLY.
I chose a high-entropy, interesting target for the "no" option to try and lean into a sort of guilty until proven innocent factor. If he did commit a crime, I didn't want a false positive to be easy. Though I think some people also hit on the outdoor section of the Treasure Island that is like a pirate diorama with water and lights.
Looking at the data, I'm throwing out what seems to be a lot of random guesses. But it's a close call, two pairs of people that did actual RV sessions sessions clearly locked in on both targets, and MultipleFutures hit both.
This is a tough one, because I really was hoping for clarity one way or another. MultipleFutures, I'm taking your first session lock as the "result" as I've also accidentally RVed the second target when doing multiple sessions on a single ARV target. Let me know if that doesn't seem right.
How I'm going to take this is that the rumored crime maybe didn't take place, but related inappropriate actions could have happened (and thus started rumors of a real crime taking place). Which is the least surprising result, but also heartening.
If anyone really needs to know about the crime in question, PM me, but I won't get into that much detail. Thanks everyone for your time!
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DKNG - Fundamental DD Part II - DKNG

Not Financial Advice (NFA)
Warning: Wall of Text. If you hate reading just skim through the bolded/italicized
Ever since I publicized my findings on DKNG, the stock has underperformed & probably has fucked a lot of people here, especially given the overly bullish stance back in June. Unless you took my advice & got into Puts then, congrats, welcome to tendie town. For the ADHD retards, here’s what the next wall of text is going to summarize: I believe at the current price of ~$30, the stock is oversold.
A tech-focused, high-growth Company that has made sports betting easy to understand with an aesthetically pleasing interface similar to how Robinhood has neatly laid out stock market gimmicks so even high-schoolers can make sense of it I believe, is underpriced at these levels.
Let’s get into some details as to why the stock has underperformed:
First off, the news slate revolving sports with the rumored delay/cancellation of the MLB season & the NFL watching from the sidelines is in my view, just a part of why the stock has underperformed. We’ll revisit this later in this post, but I want to focus on the drivers of the stock’s recent underperformance, & why these factors are now in the rearview mirror.
Part I – The Past Has Passed – SPAC-related Equity Dilution
History lesson first: DKNG went public via a SPAC merger, which has exploded in popularity recently. Anyone serious about analyzing stocks going forward needs to do their homework on this, Google is your friend.
A feature of most SPAC merger to public listings that creates a headwind to near-term share prices are embedded equity dilution events, usually in the form of earn-outs (stock bonuses to execs, the SPAC sponsor) & conversion of Warrants.
On 5/24, the earn-outs were triggered, adding 6m shares to the share count.
On 6/26, 16.3m warrants converted to DKNG, netting them ~$188m of cash.
Stepping back a little, in addition to the above, on 6/18 DKNG launched a follow-on equity offering of 16M shares @ $40/Share [1], receiving $621M in proceeds.
The last part is tricky to understand from a dilution perspective. To simplify, historically it’s almost a coin toss whether a Company’s shares outperform on the onset of an equity offering. While issuing shares does dilute the existing shareholder base, it theoretically shouldn’t, if the proceeds from the offering are earmarked for investments/projects that yield outsized returns. This is the reality for the long term, theory for the short-term. For the short-term, the ‘reality’ isn’t that the proceeds will be used for investments/projects that yield outsized returns, it is more about how convincing management is to investors that the investments they intend to pursue with the proceeds will outweigh the dilutive effects of issuing incremental shares. That’s a mouthful, but hopefully you get what I’m trying to convey.
All of this stuff put together – the Company has increased its share count by ~39M, but now has a whopping ~$1.4Bn of cash [2]. More on this in the next section.
Part II – MLB News Should Not Fucking Matter & DKNG Is Positioned As the Leading Online/Mobile Sports Platform
DKNG should not be so tied to MLB news or any of this shit as the ongoing success of the NBA/NHL season + Soccer in Europe has effectively created a blueprint on how to regulate player behavior so that they maintain professionalism amidst the pandemic. I’m going out on a whim here, but I truly think the MLB threatening a cancellation of the season is pure posturing to get these fuckers to behave appropriately. Maybe a ‘bubble’ is what it takes to get these players to focus on their jobs instead of going out & contracting COVID, but I argue that isn’t necessarily required given Soccer in Europe. So there’s already a proven path here without the need for a bubble in Soccer, so MLB/NFL should be fine, and execs need to study how they got it done in Europe. Okay, back to some facts.
Anecdotally, I’ve kept in touch with a handful of sports bookies from California to New York & even internationally about what they’re seeing – all of them say that since the NBA season started on 7/30 & since Soccer (especially the Premier League) resumed in June, along with other leagues like La Liga & Serie A, they’ve seen massive increases in betting.
These numbers are also showing up in the official data [3]:
REMEMBER: This is for June only! No NBA, No NHL, No MLB, just Soccer, Golf, NASCAR & UFC.
The data clearly shows that there was a ton of pent-up sports betting demand, which leads one Wall St. analyst to think that betting on the NBA/NHL could ABSORB the MLB’s sports betting handle (handle = total $ size of sports bet) [5]. Remember, the MLB season is still ongoing, with games being played. The entire focus is on the Miami Marlins & St. Louis Cardinals. Fucking retards.
Additionally, I want to remind everyone that is the #1 Fantasy sports website in the U.S. [6]. Also, since April 2020 site visitations are up +86% [7] & Google Search Trends for “Draft Kings” is up ~3x compared to PRE-COVID levels [8]. What does this mean? They are piquing more people’s curiosity than prior to COVID/ongoing slate of sports.
This is important because remember that ~$1.4Bn chest full of cash I mentioned DKNG had assembled earlier? Well, that money is being put to work & results are already coming in, which is exactly what DKNG intended to do with it.
Part III – Legalization of Sports Betting in the U.S.
I could write a fucking bible on this topic alone, but for now we’ll stick to some basics. Due to COVID, it’s easy to understand that each State’s financial situation is clearly in shit. Because of this, you better believe that these guys are going to start taking a hard look at how they can extract additional tax revenues, & what’s one of the easiest ways to do this? Legalization & taxation of gambling.
The big players: CA, TX, FL & NY. First, CA pushing its legislation out to 2023 was fucked up, but here’s a twist I want to add to this: Anything that has to do with gambling in CA you better believe is lobbied against by not just the Tribal casino owners in CA, but by the deep pockets of Las Vegas money. Similar thing can be said for FL, but let’s take a look at some actions by LV/nationwide gambling companies that are starting to align financial incentives with guys like DKNG.
So it’s safe to say going forward, nationwide legalization of sports betting will reap rewards for everyone involved, & no longer be something LV money is completely focused on safeguarding.
Let’s also not forget that DKNG didn’t become the Company they are today because of their fancy app, but because their management team has a HISTORY of navigating the U.S.’s legal framework to get what they want out of it.
These guys are at the cutting edge of creating legal frameworks to successfully launch their products & now with more of their ‘competitors’ financially aligned with them, combined with financial deterioration of State budgets, we should see an overweighting of good news vs. bad on the legal front.
Final Part – Share Price Targets
Under-fucking priced at anything below $42.50
Near-term catalysts:
8/14: DKNG files 2Q’20 results, might be shitty, but you can bet that the Earnings Call is going to contain rhetoric on how massive the uptick in sports betting has been since late June/July.
Sometime from now until November: NY releases ‘study’ by Spectrum Gaming on online/mobile sports betting.
8/20 – 9/7: PGA Championship for FedEx Cup Title
9/5 – KY Derby
9/10: NFL KickOff Game
9/17: PGA U.S. Open Start Date
Month of October: NBA/NHL Playoffs
10/1: Estimated launch of online sports betting in TN
11/1: Estimated launch of online sports betting in VA
[2] Wall St. Research – DKNG on 6/29/20
[4]; Note: Nevada did not break out April/May figures but from the Revenue difference of 3 month ended June 30 of 4,950 vs. month of June of 2,297 for a total difference of 2,653 spread evenly over April/May for a base case April estimate of 1,327.
[5] Wall St. Research - 7/27/20
[8] Feb 23-29, 2020 vs. Current Aug 2 – Aug 8, 2020
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[HIRING] 17 Jobs in emt Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
BioLife Plasma Services Nurse- LP/RN/EMT- Immediate Benefits! Cordova
Vail Health CNA-EMT-MA Care Tech 6177 Vail
Amr EMT Basic - Hiring Now! Anchorage
Amr EMT Basic in Louisville, KY Anchorage
Amr EMT Basic - Hiring Now! Audubon Park
Octapharma Plasma, Inc. Physician Substitute (EMT-I, EMT-A, EMT-P) Kalamazoo
Landmark Health EMT Paramedic Weekends 9am to 5:30pm Asheville
Department EMT-B or Paramedics Walnut
BioLife Plasma Services Plasma Center Nurse - LPN / RN / EMT-P Independence
BioLife Plasma Services Plasma Center Nurse - RN, LPN, or EMT-P (Immediate Benefits) North Las Vegas, NV North Las Vegas
Mon Valley EMS Paramedic, AEMT, EMT, EMR Monessen
The Gardens at Stevens Driver / EMT or CNA Nursing Home Denver
The Gardens at Stroud Driver / EMT or CNA East Stroudsburg
The Gardens at York Terrace Driver / EMT or CNA Nursing Home Pottsville
BioLife Plasma Services Plasma Center Nurse - RN, LPN, or EMT-P (Immediate Benefits) Spanish/English Bilingual skills a p... Arizona City
Walnut Fire Protection District EMT-B or Paramedics - IL Walnut
Choctaw Resort & Casino - Durant Region EMT Durant Resort Durant
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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Recap - 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 6 “Ultimatums and Ugly Truths”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 6 “Ultimatums and Ugly Truths”
Colt (Age 34, Las Vegas NV) and Jess (Age 26, from Brazil, living in Chicago)
Andrei (Age 33, from Moldova) and Elizabeth (Age 29, from Florida)
Larissa (Age 33, from Brazil) and ??
Angela (Age 53, from Georgia) and Mykhul (Age 31, from Lagos Nigeria)
Syngin (Age 30, from South Africa) and Tania (Age 30, from Connecticut)
Kalani (Age 31, from Utah) and Asuelu (Age 24, from Samoa)
Paul (Age 35, Kentucky) and Karine (Age 23, Brazil)
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FOTV: 2265 Nevada Discussion

This is my idea about what the series could be. I know a lot of you will not agree, and that’s okay, I’m only asking as a fellow fan of this beloved series that you don’t downvote me and my measly 26 karma for an idea. Also, if I got any lore wrong, correct me. Let me know what you think, and please add on to this idea!
Let me just say, it’s probably a bad idea for it to take place anytime after the courier gets shot/sole survivor exits the vault/Dad leaves 101. As the legendary Fallout YouTuber, Oxhorn, had said, it would be a problem for them to have to pick one ending/choice and make it canon. Certain things can be worked around. You find few mentions of certain games in our later titles, but it shouldn’t be in places or years that screw things up.
HOW TO FIT WITH LORE I personally support the idea of making it in Las Vegas, in 2265. Mister House had woke from his coma in 2138, but was not heard from or even known about until 2275, so they don’t have to replace our beloved, passed away voice actor for Mr. House or mention Mr. House’s existence. In this year, he sent out his Securitrons because of the NCR arriving at Hoover Dam. This means the and Caesars Legion would be there, and Las Vegas, not called New Vegas yet, would be occupied by the tribes that would eventually own the casinos in 2281, when the game takes place. VERY few characters and factions from the game should be shown, only ones 100% unavoidable. The Legion would be able to have scouts and occasional patrols, but since Fortification Hill wasn’t taken until 2277, they wouldn’t be a major part of the Mojave. The NCR would be known of, and could be mentioned and maybe even have scouts, but not much more. NCR rangers with the beloved armor would not exist, since the Desert Rangers merged with the NCR in 2271. Desert Rangers, who were their own group who eventually became the suited NCR rangers, could also exist, which means they’d be more widely accepted in places and could fit loner personas instead of being the watchdogs of the NCR.
THINGS I’D LIKE TO SEE There are plenty of small details I know I’d want to see in the production. Of course, I think we all know VATS the way we know it would make the series pretty corny, and I’ve thought of a way for it to be more possible. Since this is Bethesda solely? no Obsidian, things from Fallout 4 are the most recent canon. The holographic scope could be a good example of how to make VATS realistic and not turn the series into a joking matter. Plug the Pip-Boy into the holographic scope, and it helps you pick the most plausible regions to fire at while also helping more accurately steady the rifle. It could also be plugged into microfusion weapons such as the laser rifle to do the same thing, provided it has a scope or a dot sight or something, apologies, I’m not a gun nut and know very little about it.
I’d also like to see recurring unimportant characters. Maybe a wandering trader that shows up every few episodes, or a mysterious stranger that we see in the background occasionally, like Where’s Waldo on TV. It would be neat for the main characters (I’m sorry, but I personally would dislike a series that followed different characters every season/episode!) to visit the same places after a while. Maybe stash supplies at a Red Rocket and show up there when they need them multiple episodes later, to give us a sense of ‘small world’ and not just new place every episode. I found myself, in my FO:NV and FO4 experience(s), going back to the early game towns to finish old, not done quests or take advantage of not being known and thus hated there.
Chems. Fiends. Dealers. Who doesn’t, even secretly, love that dark side of Fallout? It gives it a sense of realism that you can’t normally get by sugarcoating things. The start of FO4, going to Drumlin Diner and finding the mother being harassed by dealers who need money from the in-debt son they got hooked on jet was a real dilemma, to the point I remember it, I remember a small detail from a game.
Slowly! Not every episode has to be a gunfight with raiders. I’d enjoy a somewhat TV Soap side of things. For people who don’t know what a soap/soap opera is, it’s a more domestic acted out show, like General Hospital. An episode dealing with paying off a debt by working on a Brahmin ranch or guarding a caravan would develop the characters, and wrench at our hearts when that ranch gets raided and burned down and the caravan robbed a few episodes later, or even alluded to. Develop multiple characters for us. If shows like Chicago Fire can go on for years simply writing about the things firefighters go through, it’d be even easier to keep one about the wasteland going because there’s much more possibility. People say they should change the characters and location up every season/episode, so it doesn’t dry up, but I feel like they could easily keep it going with enough good writing.
Continuity! I’d like it to have things, even small things, that show up in later episodes. Drop a bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla on the streets of Primm? Next time you show up, maybe have some broken glass rolling about. Big things, too. Don’t fire off ten shots from a six shooter.
LOOSE CHARACTER IDEAS I wouldn’t get too crazy with this since it’s just fans throwing ideas around, but I would like there to be some cool things that we put out there for writers to possibly see. Diversity is one thing to keep in the back of the mind, but we shouldn’t be going crazy about it and making decisions solely to be diverse.
Let’s not assume anything about there being a bug group, but there should be 3-4 main characters and like 8 side characters that show up at least every few episodes each. I want to see some of your ideas as-well, or add-ons to mine!
My first idea, a former raider dealing with addiction and guilt. A character who deserted a raider group because of a moral dilemma would be a good plot point to look at, and make for a few episodes or sub-plots about his/her chem addiction and slow reveal of past stories, maybe even a sub plot about their former gang.
A Desert Ranger You honestly can’t expect people to want this. If we’re hypothetically talking about my 2065 idea, desert ranger works. If not, then maybe a NCR veteran ranger deserter. They’d hopefully be a side character taking mercenary jobs on the fly and looking out for themselves, and accidentally getting close to people.
Let me know what your ideas are, or if you like/dislike my ideas!
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Since we're talking about Mafia IV ideas, here is my concept for a 3-part Mafia IV set between 1977 and 1979.

I've had an idea for a Mafia IV that would be a 3-chapter game, with each one sold and released separately. They would take place in:
Chapter I - The Italian island of Sicily, with the large city of Vucciria (Palermo), as well as towns of Casbach (Mazara del Vallo) and Templi (Agrigento), plus the countryside. March 1977-October 1977.
Chapter II - The city of Las Platas, Aztec (Las Vegas, NV) and its metro area, as well as the Cañon Rojo (Red Rock Canyon) and Lake Draught (Lake Mead) areas, and the McHawkins Army Base. October 1977-May 1978.
Chapter III - Empire Bay, plus the coast of West Guernsey (New Jersey) with the towns of Trunk (Long Branch) and Westport (Atlantic City). February 1979-September 1979.
New features:
-Players can watch fictional TV shows and news (think GTA IV/V, but more serious) on 2 different channels.
Vehicle list:
Chapter I
Aero - Lancia Stratos 2-door coupe/targa,
Romana - Lancia Flavia 2-door coupe/convertible,
Tortona - Lancia Fulvia 4-door sedan,
Zeta - Lancia Beta Berlina 4-door fastback,
A16 - Autobianchi A112 3-door hatchback,
550 - Fiat 500 2-door sedan,
650 - Fiat 126 2-door sedan,
800 - Fiat 850 2-door sedan,
1100 - Fiat 127 3-door hatchback,
1400V - Fiat 238 panel van,
1600 - Fiat 124 4-door sedan,
1800 - Fiat 131 Mirafiori 4-door sedan (incl. police),
1900 - Fiat 125 5-door wagon,
1800SV - Fiat 124 Sport Spider roadstetarga/coupe,
2000D - Fiat 132 4-door sedan (incl. taxi),
Tuscani - Fiat Campagnola 2-door offroader,
Arco - Alfa Romeo Alfasud 4-door fastback,
Cabrio - 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2-door roadstetarga/coupe,
Falerno - Alfa Romeo Alfetta 4-door sedan (incl. police and Carabinieri),
Medici - Alfa Romeo Giulia (Type 105) 4-door sedan (incl. Carabinieri),
XT - Citroen DS21 4-dooor sedan/convertible,
80 - 1974 Oldsmobile 88 4-door hardtop/hearse,
3000 Riviera - Ferrari 308 2-door coupe/targa,
4200 Tampa - Ferrari Daytona 2-door coupe/targa/convertible,
Berlina - 1963 Maserati Quattroporte sedan,
Perbatto - Lamborghini Countach 2-door coupe/targa,
519e - BMW E12 520i 4-door sedan,
Costa - Opel Ascona B 2-door sedan/targa,
Pilot - Opel Kadett B 3-door wagon,
1100 - Simca 1000 4-door sedan,
Ball - VW Golf Mk1 3-door hatchback/convertible,
Cocce - VW Beetle 2-door sedan/convertible,
627 - 1974 Porsche 911 2-door coupe/targa/convertible.
D200 - Mercedes-Benz W115 4-door sedan (incl. taxi),
GE420 - Mercedes-Benz W116 4-door sedan,
GL450 - Mercedes-Benz R107 2-door coupe/targa/roadster,
TA3 - Mercedes-Benz T2 panel van/minibus/armoured van,
Ponderosa - 1973 Chevrolet K5 Blazer,
Ampezzo - Ford Cortina MkII 4-door sedan,
Cavalcade - Ford Escort MkII 2-door sedan/convertible,
Statesman - 1970 Range Rover 2-door SUV,
Golden Dawn - Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 4-door sedan.
Chapter II:
Aero - Lancia Stratos 2-door coupe/targa,
1900 SV - Fiat 124 Sport Spider 2-door coupe/targa/roadster,
Tourer - 1977 Buick Estate 5-door wagon,
M355 - 1965 Kaiser-Jeep M715 (military/civilian surplus),
Taxi - Checker Maraton 4-door sedan,
Cabrio - 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2-door roadster,
XT - Citroen DS21 4-door sedan/convertible,
90 - 1967 Oldsmobile 98 4-door sedan,
80 - 1974 Oldsmobile 88 4-door sedan,
Cavalcade - 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado 2-door coupe/convertible,
Sabre Custom - 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2-door coupe/targa,
Corporal - 1964 Plymouth Valiant 5-door wagon,
Moire - 1975 Plymouth Gran Fury 4-door sedan (incl. police and taxi),
Southport - 1966 Chrysler Newport 5-door wagon,
3000 Riviera - Ferrari 308 2-door coupe/targa,
4200 Tampa - Ferrari Daytona 2-door coupe/targa/convertible,
DT100 - 1955 Dodge C100 single cab pickup truck,
Sedan - 1965 Imperial LeBaron 4-door sedan,
Attache - 1966 AMC Ambassador 4-door sedan,
Berlina - 1963 Maserati Quattroporte sedan,
Perbatto - Lamborghini Countach 2-door coupe/targa,
529e - BMW E12 530i 4-door sedan,
Provincial Series VI - 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV 2-door coupe/convertible,
Provincial Series VII - 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V 2-door coupe/convertible,
Boulevard - 1973 Cadillac DeVille 4-door sedan,
Conluenzo - 1959 Cadillac Eldorado 2-door coupe/convertible,
Hearse - 1976 Cadillac Series 75 hearse,
Hollywood - 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood 4-door sedan,
Limousine - 1976 Cadillac Series 75 limousine/convertible,
Pilot - Opel Kadett B 3-door wagon,
160 - Datsun 610 5-door wagon,
180 - Datsun 620 2-door pickup,
ST25 - Datsun 240Z 2-door coupe,
Conestoga - 1974 Jeep Wagoneer 4-door SUV,
Utility - Jeep CJ5 2-door offroader,
Ball - VW Rabbit Mk1 3-door hatchback/convertible,
Model A "Bug" - VW Beetle 2-door sedan/convertible,
Model B "Freerider" - 1966 VW Type 2 panel van/minibus,
Longchamp - 1976 Pontiac Grand Ville 2-door coupe/convertible,
Sarthe (1st gen) - 1970 Pontiac LeMans 2-door coupe/convertible,
Sarthe (2nd gen) - 1976 Pontiac LeMans 4-door sedan (incl. police),
627 - 1974 Porsche 911 2-door coupe/targa/convertible,
GE420 - Mercedes-Benz W116 4-door sedan.
GL450 - Mercedes-Benz R107 2-door coupe/targa/roadster.
Windsor - 1949 Mercury Eight 2-door coupe/convertible,
Lynx - 1976 Stutz Blackhawk 2-door coupe/targa/convertible,
Beverly - 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe/convertible,
Compostela - 1968 Chevrolet El Camino 2-door pickup,
Dispatcher 2500 - 1973 Chevrolet Suburban K20 4-door SUV (incl. sheriff),
Executive - 1977 Chevrolet Impala 4-door sedan (incl. police, taxi and detective),
Frigate - 1971 Chevrolet Corvette 2-door coupe/targa/roadster,
Ponderosa - 1973 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer (incl. sheriff and military),
Shuboir - 1975 Chevrolet Chevelle 5-door wagon,
Truck 3500 - 1973 Chevrolet C30 double-cab pickup/tow truck (incl. military),
Valestra - 1975 Chevrolet Nova 3-door hatchback,
Cargoline - 1972 Ford Econoline 2-door panel van/minibus,
Carino - 1971 Ford Pinto 3-door hatchback,
Coupe - 1932 Ford 2-door coupe/convertible,
Cross-Country - 1972 Ford Country Squire 4-door wagon,
Lakefield - 1963 Ford Fairlane 4-door sedan,
S200 - 1965 Ford F-200 single cab pickup truck,
SLT - 1971 Ford LTD 4-door sedan,
Thunderbolt - 1970 Ford Thunderbird 4-door sedan/convertible,
Golden Dawn - Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 4-door sedan,
Union - 1975 Honda Accord 3-door hatchback.
Chapter III:
Aero - Lancia Stratos 2-door coupe/targa,
400 - Volvo 244 4-door sedan,
1900 SV - Fiat 124 Sport Spider 2-door coupe/targa/roadster,
Scepter - 1978 Buick Regal 2-door coupe/T-top/convertible,
Tourer - 1977 Buick Estate 5-door wagon,
W355 - 1965 Kaiser-Jeep M715 (civilian surplus),
Taxi - Checker Maraton 4-door sedan,
Cabrio - 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2-door roadster,
XT - Citroen DS21 4-door sedan,
90 - 1967 Oldsmobile 98 4-door sedan,
80 - 1974 Oldsmobile 88 4-door sedan,
Cavalcade - 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado 2-door coupe/convertible.
Sabre Custom - 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2-door coupe/targa/convertible,
Corporal - 1964 Plymouth Valiant 5-door wagon,
Moire - 1975 Plymouth Gran Fury 4-door sedan (incl. police and taxi),
Southport - 1966 Chrysler Newport 5-door wagon,
3000 Riviera - Ferrari 308 2-door coupe/targa,
4200 Tampa - Ferrari Daytona 2-door coupe/targa/convertible,
DT100 - 1955 Dodge C100 single cab pickup truck,
Sedan - 1965 Imperial LeBaron 4-door sedan/convertible,
Attache - 1966 AMC Ambassador 4-door sedan,
Hare - 1975 AMC Pacer 3-door hatchback,
Berlina - 1963 Maserati Quattroporte sedan,
Perbatto - Lamborghini Countach 2-door coupe/targa,
529e - BMW E12 530i 4-door sedan,
Loire - 1977 Lincoln Versailles 4-door sedan,
Provincial Series VI - 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV 2-door coupe/convertible,
Provincial Series VII - 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V 2-door coupe/convertible,
Boulevard - 1973 Cadillac DeVille 4-door sedan,
Conluenzo (1st gen) - 1959 Cadillac Eldorado 2-door coupe/convertible,
Hearse - 1976 Cadillac Series 75 hearse,
Hollywood - 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood 4-door sedan,
Limousine - 1976 Cadillac Series 75 limousine,
Pilot - Opel Kadett B 3-door wagon,
160 - Datsun 610 5-door wagon,
180 - Datsun 620 2-door pickup,
ST25 - Datsun 240Z 2-door coupe,
Conestoga - 1974 Jeep Wagoneer 4-door SUV,
M-5 - Jeep CJ5 2-door offroader,
Ball - VW Rabbit Mk1 3-door hatchback/convertible,
Model A "Bug" - VW Beetle 2-door sedan/convertible,
Model B "Freerider" - 1966 VW Type 2 panel van/minibus,
Longchamp - 1976 Pontiac Grand Ville 2-door coupe/convertible,
Sarthe (1st gen) - 1970 Pontiac LeMans 2-door coupe/convertible,
Sarthe (2nd gen) - 1976 Pontiac LeMans 4-door sedan (incl. police),
Venus - 1969 Pontiac Catalina 4-door wagon,
Vulture - 1976 Pontiac Firebird 2-door coupe/targa,
627 - 1974 Porsche 911 2-door coupe/targa/convertible.
E240 - Mercedes-Benz W123 4-door sedan,
GE420 - Mercedes-Benz W116 4-door sedan.
GL450 - Mercedes-Benz R107 2-door coupe/targa/roadster.
Lynx - 1976 Stutz Blackhawk 2-door coupe/T-top/convertible,
Compostela - 1968 Chevrolet El Camino 2-door pickup,
Dispatcher 2500 - 1973 Chevrolet Suburban K20 4-door SUV (incl. sheriff),
Executive - 1977 Chevrolet Impala 4-door sedan (incl. police and taxi),
Frigate - 1971 Chevrolet Corvette 2-door coupe/targa/roadster,
Ponderosa - 1973 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer (incl. sheriff),
Shuboir - 1975 Chevrolet Chevelle 5-door wagon,
Truck 3500 - 1973 Chevrolet C30 double-cab pickup/tow truck,
Valestra - 1975 Chevrolet Nova 3-door hatchback,
Cargoline - 1972 Ford Econoline 2-door panel van/minibus,
Carino - 1971 Ford Pinto 3-door hatchback,
Coupe - 1932 Ford 2-door coupe/convertible,
Cross-Country - 1972 Ford Country Squire 4-door wagon,
Lakefield - 1963 Ford Fairlane 4-door sedan
S200 - 1965 Ford F-200 single cab pickup truck,
SLT - 1971 Ford LTD 4-door sedan,
Thunderbolt - 1968 Ford Thunderbird 4-door sedan/convertible,
Trinidad - 1977 Ford Granada 4-door sedan,
Golden Dawn - Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 4-door sedan,
Regalia - 1974 Toyota Corolla 4-door sedan,
Futura - 1975 Honda Civic 3-door hatchback,
Union - 1975 Honda Accord 3-door hatchback,
Heavy vehicles:
Chapter I:
B6 - 1977 Volvo F10 semi truck/box truck/flatbed.
12 - 1970 Fiat 343 bus,
6400 - 1963 Fiat 643N semi truck/flatbed/box truck/dump truck,
Chapter II/III:
Roader - 1961 Dodge Frank Motor Home,
354 - M35 "Deuce and a half" military/surplus truck,
356 - M809 6x6 military truck,
600 - 1976 Peterbilt 359 semi truck,
Bus - GM New Look bus,
S700 - 1968 Ford F-700 box truck/flatbed/dump truck/armoured truck (incl. SWAT),
T700 - 1968 Ford B-700 bus,
T8 - 1967 Kenworth W900A semi truck,
Warrior - 1971 Winnebago Brave,
Chapter I:
250 - 1963 Ducati 250,
Crawler - 1968 Ducati Scrambler,
R800 - 1972 Ducati SS 750,
850 Monza - 1976 Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans,
150 RO - 1971 KTM 175 GS,
T900 - 1973 BMW R90S,
Apina 50 - 1963 Piaggio Vespa 50cc,
Apina 125 - 1968 Piaggio Vespa 125 Primavera,
Highwayman - 1965 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide 1200.
Chapter II/III:
250 - 1963 Ducati 250,
Crawler - 1968 Ducati Scrambler,
R800 - 1972 Ducati SS 750,
850 Monza - 1976 Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans,
150 RO - 1971 KTM 175 GS,
T900 - 1973 BMW R90S,
500OX - 1975 Yamaha XT500,
S800 - 1972 Suzuki GT750,
Apina 125 - 1968 Piaggio Vespa 125 Primavera,
Cruiser - 1976 Harley-Davidson Softail,
Highwayman - 1965/1974 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide 1200 (incl. police).
Glider - 1974 Honda Goldwing GL 1000,
T90 - 1969 Honda C90,
TX125 - 1973 Honda CR125M,
Returning from Mafia III (Vindicator and Airboat only in Chapter II and III), plus:
M400 - 1970s medium-sized motorboat (incl. Italian police and coast guard),
U800 - 1960s tugboat,
U900 - 1960s fishing smack,
Aqua Blu - 1969 Riva Aquarama,
2500 - 1970s American racing speedboat.
BC450 - 1976 Kawasaki JS400 jet ski.
Planes (Chapter II/III):
A45 Stallion - 1944 NAA P51B Mustang.
300 - 1967 Cessna 172H,
Noter - 1969 Cessna Citation,
S9 Ute - 1967 Piper P-31 Cherokee,
Mosquito 500 - 500cc ultralight aircraft.
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What A Day: Curious, Georgia by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media (04/23/20)

"Why don’t we just put everybody in a space outfit or something like that?" - Stephen Moore, economic advisor to the president and grown man

Mitch Better Have My Money

More than 4.4 million Americans filed new jobless claims in the last week, bringing the reported unemployment total over the past five weeks to 26 million. Faced with those numbers, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has decided it’s time to pump the brakes on any additional economic relief, and possibly force blue states and cities into bankruptcy, reminding us all why he's the most popular politician in America.
In New York, preliminary results from antibody studies indicate that the state’s 250,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus may be just the tip of the iceberg.
Even with unemployment numbers rising by the millions every week, an overwhelming majority of Americans understand that reopening the economy prematurely isn’t the solution. A Politico/Morning Consult poll from last weekend found that 76 percent of respondents felt social distancing measures should continue for as long as necessary. Kemp and reckless Republican leaders like him are ignoring public opinion in addition to national guidelines, and endangering public health.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

So far, 3,660 of you have used the call tool on to get connected to your representatives in Congress and tell them that they need to include funding to make elections safe and accessible as part of their next coronavirus package. Keep them coming!
Now we want to hear from you: why do YOU need safer voting options this year? Whether you have a preexisting condition that puts you at risk, or don’t feel safe volunteering at the polls, we want to hear your story. Send in a video to us at 323-405-9944 so we can share your story and send a message to Congress and the state governments about how important this is →

Under The Radar

Florida has distinguished itself as a nightmarish place to be unemployed. The state is one of the slowest in the country to process its jobless claims, which means hundreds of thousands of unemployed Florida workers have been waiting weeks to receive their first checks, and many haven’t even been able to file their claims. The state agreed to start accepting paper applications this month, after its unemployment website broke down under the volume of traffic. Florida’s GOP leaders have intentionally weakened its unemployment system over the last decade, leaving its workers particularly vulnerable in this crisis: The state’s unemployment benefits max out at $275 a week.
Nearly all of the major battleground states in the 2020 election are experiencing higher-than-average layoffs. In addition to prying more relief funding out of Mitch McConnell’s cold bloodless hands, it will be on all of us to make sure those voters realize that this level of economic fallout, and the broken systems exacerbating it, were preventable.

What Else?

President Trump’s immigration executive order temporarily restricts some visas, but doesn’t contain the broad freeze on green cards he announced earlier this week.
China pledged an additional $30 million to the World Health Organization after Trump froze U.S. funding. If the U.S. wants to surrender its influence over a key international institution, China is happy to take up that role.
Elizabeth Warren’s eldest brother has died after contracting the coronavirus. Don Reed Herring, an Air Force veteran, died at age 86 on Tuesday.
Las Vegas, NV, workers have pushed back on Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s calls to reopen the city as a “control group,” to see what happens without social distancing. Goodman said she wanted hotels and casinos to reopen quickly, but doesn’t have jurisdiction over the Las Vegas Strip. Goodman also said she wouldn’t go to the reopened casinos herself because “I don’t gamble,” which is (chef’s kiss).
Leaked results from a clinical trial of remdesivir in China showed it carries no benefit for coronavirus patients, though the study ended prematurely because it had too few patients. Other studies are still in progress.
Two cats in New York have become the first U.S. pets to test positive for coronavirus. Health officials emphasized there’s no evidence that pets can transmit the virus to people.
Scientists in the U.K. think dogs might soon be able to sniff out asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. Labradors and spaniels have already been trained to detect malaria, and within weeks, some very good boys may play an important role in identifying coronavirus superspreaders.
The San Clemente, CA, plan to deter skateboarders by filling a skate park with sand has backfired by attracting dirt bikers. The wild BMX bikes have returned to the skate park. Nature is healing.

Be Smarter

In a New York Times op-ed this week, Dr. Richard Levitan described volunteering at New York’s Bellevue Hospital for 10 days. Levitan shared a new insight into what makes COVID pneumonia uniquely dangerous: Unlike most pneumonia patients with very low oxygen saturation (hypoxia), many COVID-19 patients don’t feel short of breath until they’re close to respiratory failure. That seems to be a result of the peculiar way the coronavirus attacks the lungs, and when patients breathe faster and harder to compensate for their “silent hypoxia” without realizing it, their lungs sustain further damage. That may explain why so many patients on ventilators ultimately die: They didn’t get to the hospital until their pneumonia was well advanced. Levitan recommended more widespread use of pulse oximeters to detect hypoxia early.
Since the op-ed was published, pulse oximeters have become impossible to find, which Levitan says is no cause for panic. (Hospitals don't use the same devices, so this isn't an N95 mask situation.) Think of it like a thermometer—something you should probably have in your home eventually.

What A Sponsor

Finding a watch that’s stylish, bold, and built to last can cost a pretty penny. Vincero watches is changing that. They believe you deserve to look good no matter your budget. With over 21,000 5-star reviews from verified customers, you know it’s stress-free shopping with fair and honest prices. Plus, shopping has never been easier with their sitewide sale - save up to 20% on any of their products for a limited time!

Is That Hope I Feel?

Publix has launched an initiative to purchase milk and fresh produce from struggling farmers, and donate it directly to Feeding America food banks.
Braskem America workers voluntarily lived at the factory for 28 days, producing tens of millions of pounds of the raw materials needed for PPE.
Ruth's Chris Steak House, Sweetgreen, and King Sushi announced they’ll return the small-business loans they received from the Payroll Protection Program. Yelling at companies on the internet works!
A federal appeals court ruled that Detroit students (and by extension, all children in the U.S.) have a fundamental right to a basic education.
Virginia has become the latest state to end prison gerrymandering, the practice of counting incarcerated people where they’re detained, rather than at their last known residence.


Geoff Lemon 🍋 on Twitter: "The Pope being schooled in theological biology by an account dedicated to bat PR is perhaps the best combination of things to happen on this website."
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Trucker's Guide to When Every State is Reopening

Trucker's Guide to When Every State is Reopening
We understand business owners and drivers don’t have time to sort through all the different news coming out about COVID-19, so TopMark has made a detailed truckers guide to when each state will reopen. Updated regularly, this article will include the newest information on when each and every state plans on lifting or extending their stay at home orders.
The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a massive impact on trucker’s daily routines so we are are here to help out. Check out our COVID-19 Updates section for the latest information as it relates to the trucking industry.


The current stay-at-home order will remain in effect until April 30.
Alabama Governor Ivey said the state needs to expand its testing before resuming normal economic activity despite being eager to get the state’s economy moving.


On April 24th, Alaska allowed businesses and restaurants to open back up in most parts of the state. These personal services and companies must do so under strict health and safety restrictions.
Bigger cities like Anchorage delayed their partial opening until April 27th.
Additionally, Governor Dunleavy has said citizens may visit their doctors and schedule elective surgeries on/after May 4th.


Governor Ducey has announced the stay at home order will continue only until April 30th. The state also will allow elective surgeries to continue starting on May 1st.
On the other hand, Navajo Nation’s government will remain closed until May 17th.


While there is no exact date, Governor Hutchinson has plans to loosen the restrictions on businesses over the next few weeks. This means certain non-essential businesses will be allowed to operate.
Elective surgeries were allowed to continue on April 27th.


CA Governor Gavin Newsome has not announced any official end to the stay at home order. Despite that, the state has allowed the scheduling of important surgeries like heart surgery or cancerous tumor removal.
The state is limiting the issuing of permits for events and activities for the foreseeable future. On April 13th, the Governor announced the Western States Pact with Oregon and Washington. This pact articulates that these 3 states will operate together in their reopening on when it is safe to do so. Nevada and Colorado have also joined this pact.


Colorado’s stay at home order has been replaced with a “safer at home” strategy that started on April 27th. While not mandatory, residents are heavily urged to stay at home as much as possible. High-risk populations have been asked to stay home at all times possible.
Special businesses that offer curbside pick up are now open. Additionally, personal training and dog grooming have been allowed to resume (if they follow social distancing practices). Elective medical procedures have also been allowed to continue.
Governor Polis states that more businesses will be allowed to open in the following weeks. On May 4th, non-essential office work will be allowed to continue. Colorado has also coordinated its re-opening plans with Nevada, California, Oregan, and Washington.


The mandatory state shutdown will continue until May 20th. Governor Lamont has recommended a higher amount of COVID-19 testing before the state can start is opening plans.
Connecticut has joined with New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Deleware, and Massachusettes to coordinate the reopening of the Northeast.


Deleware Governor Carney has extended the statewide stay at home order until May 15th or when the “public health threat is eliminated.” The state has said that opening can start upon seeing a 28 days decline of new COVID-19 cases.
Additionally, the state has joined up with the other states in the Northeast to ensure a safe re-opening and start to their economy. The governor also stated that even if the state reopens, social distancing, hand washing, face covering, and a limit on large gatherings will stay in effect.


The stay at home order for Florida will continue until April 30th. Beaches of Florida are able to reopen if the local leaders have decided it is safe to do so. On the other hand, the Keys will not reopen to visitors or tourism until June or later.


State restrictions were eased starting on April 24th. Businesses like tattoo shops, gyms, bowling alleys, barbers and hair salons, nail salons, and others have been allowed to re-open if they follow safe distancing rules.
Nightclubs and bars are still closed with no clear word on when reopening can continue.


Governor Ige has stated that the stay at home order will last through April 30th and potentially later. Bigger cities like Honolulu have their own independent stay at home order which extends through all of May.


The state of Idaho is currently allowing businesses to operate under certain conditions like curbside pickup, drive-thru/drive-in, or delivery. The state doesn’t have an explicit stay at home order but rather an “Order to Self Isolate” that ends on April 30th. There is no official word on when the full state will open.


Illinois Governor Pritzker has stated the stay at home order will extend to May 30th based on data they have analyzed in the last two months. Some modifications may be made in that time and restrictions lifted depending on testing and tracing initiatives.


Indiana’s current stay at home order ends on May 1st. Governor Holcomb has said that he is going to work with the state hospital association to determine when elective surgeries may continue.


So far, Iowa has not given an official stay at home order. Governor Reynolds did issue a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency in mid-March. This required all nonessential businesses to close until April 30.
On April 27th, the government stated the 77 of Iowa’s 99 counties can begin reopening on May 1st. This includes gyms, restaurants, enclosed malls, and retail stores if they stay at 50% capacity. The remaining 22 counties have higher rates of COVID-19 and will have their closures extend until at least May 15th.


Kansas’ stay at home order is expected to end on May 3rd.
Governor Kelly has said that the state “nowhere near where we need to be with testing supplies,” which could mean the stay at order will be extended. Either way, the state plans to loosen restrictions in a gradual rollout rather than an all at once reopening.


Kentucky Governor Beshear has begun to reopen the health sectors of the state. On April 27, in person, office and ambulance visits were allowed to continue. Additionally, diagnostic, radiology and non-urgent visits are allowed.
The state plans to reopen the state in phases, with restrictions easing each week for a four week period. This reopening plan will begin on May 11th but could be pushed back depending on COVID circumstances.
Additionally, customers and employees will be asked to wear a mask while visiting/working in essential businesses.


Louisiana Governor Edwards has extended the stay at home order until May 15. Despite that, some restrictions have been lifted for nonessential businesses.
On May 1st, retail stores can open under the condition of offering curbside delivery only. Restaurants will also be allowed to offer seats to customers, but there will be no wait staff or table service. Customers are allowed to sit outside and eat at restaurants as long as the mind social distancing rules. Gov. Edwards has also required all workers that are interacting with the public to wear masks.
Despite the easing of restrictions, Edwards says the state is not near where it should be in regards to new cases, hospitalizations, and testing.


Maine issued a “Stay Healthy at Home” executive order that lasts through at least April 30. Additionally, Governor Mills extended the state’s civil state of emergency until May 15.
The state of Maine has joined its neighbors New Hampshire and Vermont on planning their state’s reopening measures


Maryland Governor Hogan outlined a three-stage reopening plan on April 24th. This will allow a gradual reopening of non-essential businesses, gatherings, and public services. Not giving a clear date, the governor stated that the easing of restrictions may begin in early May if COVID-19 hospital cases decline.
The first phase includes allowing certain small businesses to reopen, outdoor gym glasses, recreational activities to continue, and allowing religious gatherings of limited attendance. Certain medical procedures will be allowed to continue as well.
The second phase allows raising the minimum number of people allowed in a gathering, childcare services reopening, indoor gyms, the return of transit schedules, and bars and restaurants reopening under certain conditions.
The last phase allows larger social gatherings in places like religions services, entertainment venues, and dining establishments along with fewer restrictions on nursing homes and hospital visits.


Currently, the state’s emergency order that requires all nonessential business to be closed ends on May 4th. Governor Baker has informed citizens that he and state officials have begun discussing the reopening of the state but there isn’t a clear plan yet.
Before reopening, the state says they need to have more testing, tracing, and quarantine procedures in place.
Massachusetts is actively working with its neighboring Northeastern states to develop a plan to reopen the economy.


Michigan’s stay at home order extends til at least May 15th. Currently, Governor Whitmer has eased restrictions of their COVID-19 response, allowing some businesses to open and outdoor activities to continue.
Most recently, the governor has allowed landscapers, nurseries, lawn service companies, and bike shops to re-open as long as they follow social distancing rules. Additionally, citizens are allowed to travel between houses and visit family members even though it isn’t encouraged.


Minnesota has allowed some businesses to open starting on April 27th. This order allows 80,000 to 100,000 office, industrial, and manufacturing workers to return to their jobs.
Governor Walz has stated that businesses must create and implement a COVID-19 readiness plan that outlines what measures they are taking to protect their worker’s health and safety.


Mississippi “safe at home” executive order will remain for two weeks and expire on the upcoming Monday. Right now, Governor Reeves urgers all citizens to stay home whenever possible. Any at-risk citizens are required to shelter in place.
State officials have also begun relaxing some restrictions on non-essential businesses if they offer curbside delivery, drive-thru, or other delivery options. Other nonessential businesses remained closed for now.


Missouri’s stay at home order lasts until May 3rd. Governor Parson has stated that he is working with hospitals, health officials, and business leaders to develop the state’s reopening plan.
Businesses will be able to open as long as they keep up the six-feet social distancing rules. Additionally, any indoor retail business will be forced to limit its capacity to 25%. The governor has allowed local leaders to determine if their cities and towns need stricter rules.


Montana began reopening on April 26th, allowing individuals and businesses to have fewer restrictions. Retail and street businesses were able to open on April 27th if they follow social distancing practices and limit store capacity. Restaurants and bars can start offering some services after May 4th while businesses like gyms, theaters, and places of large assembly must remain closed.
The state’s travel quarantine will still remain, requiring non-work related out of state travelers to quarantine themselves for 14 days.


Nebraska state officials plan to relax some of their COVID restrictions on May 4th. Nebraska is one of the few states that issued no stay at home order for its citizens.
On May 4th, restaurants will be allowed to let customers inside as long as they operate under 50% of normal capacity. Businesses like salons, barbers, tattoo parlors, and massage centers are limited to 10 people in a store at a time. They are also required to wear face coverings or masks. Churches will also be allowed to continue worship as long as those attending stay 6 feet apart.
All other businesses like bars and theaters are required to stay closed until May 31st.


The current stay at home order is set to expire on April 30th but Governor Sisolak says the state is currently not ready to reopen.
Despite that, Mayors in cities like Las Vegas have been urging for the reopening of Casinos. Currently, there is no set reopening time or plan for casinos or other similar businesses in the state.


New Hampshire’s stay at home order will remain until May 4th but could be extended depending on the circumstances. The current State of Emergency was extended to May 15th by Governor Sununu.


As of now, there is no expiration date to New Jersey’s stay at home order that began on March 21st. Like many other states in the area, New Jersey has teamed up with its Northeastern neighbors like New York and Delaware to develop a plan on when to reopen their economies.


Governor Grishman has extended New Mexico’s stay at home order until May 15th. After that period, there will be a gradual reopening of some businesses if conditions are safe to do so. The governor states that there is “no magical date” for when the state will be safe to reopen all businesses.


One of the hardest-hit states, New York has some of the most detailed plans for COVID 19. Governor Cuomo’s “New York State on PAUSE” executive order was issued on March 22nd. There is no clear end date for New York’s restrictions, but as of now, nonessential businesses are required to stay closed until May 15th.
The state officials have stated the reopening is going to happen in phases once the state meets the federal guidelines that hospitalizations decline for 14 days. The first phase includes construction and manufacturing businesses to continue. The second phase would be implemented by a business-by-business analysis of risk. Governor Cuomo did state that each phase will have a 2 week period between to monitor the results.


North Carolina’s current stay at home order for North Carolina is extended through May 8th.
Governor Cooper has stated the state could open in three phases if COVID-19 cases continue to decrease. Phase one would be that stay at home orders would remain, but some non-essential businesses will be able to open. Phase two includes the lifting of stay at home orders for those not at risk and the reopening of bars, restaurants, and churches under reduced capacity. Phase three would ease the restrictions for at-risk populations and allowed increased attendance at businesses and social gatherings.


North Dakota has stated that many closed businesses may be allowed to open on May 1st. The state is another one of the few places with no explicit stay at home order and only shut down schools, gyms, restaurants, salons, and theaters.
Governor Burgum says that he is going to follow the federal guidelines in deciding to officially reopen the state.


Governor Dewine’s stay at home order currently extends until May 1st. After that, the state will begin its first phases of reopening but do not have any specifics at this time. As of now, large events with big crowds are not expected to open anytime soon.


Oklahoma began lifting restrictions on businesses as early as April 24th. The reopening plan is a three-phase operation that will progress when COVID-19 data tells state officials it is safe to do so.
Restaurants, theaters, gyms, and sporting events will be allowed to open after May 1st if they follow strict social distancing practices. On the other hand, bars will remain closed.


Governor Brown issued an executive order requiring citizens to stay at home and will stay in effect until ended by her. There has been no official word on when the order will end but some restrictions on businesses will be lifted on May 1st.
This will allow hospitals, surgical centers, and medical and dental offices to resume nonemergency procedures as long as they follow safe COVID-19 distancing and sanitation practices.
State officials say more restrictions will not be eased until the state sees the following: a decrease in the growth of active COVID-19 cases, sufficient personal protective equipment available, large open capacity in hospitals, increased testing, tracing and isolating of new cases, and plans on how to protect at-risk communities.


Pennsylvania is set to reopen the state in three phases that begin on May 8th.
The phases, broken down in red, yellow, and green, will be analyzed and remain in the interest of flattening the curve in the state. Recently, Governor Wolf announced that marinas, golf courses, guided fishing trips, and private campgrounds are allowed to reopen on May 1st under the condition that they follow social distancing protocols.
The state has joined with its northeastern neighbors to develop a plan on when it is safe to reopen their economies.


Rhode Island’s current stay at home order extends until May 8th and is actively working on new measures to open parks and beaches.
Governor Raimondo is actively working with neighboring states in the Northeast to develop a collective plan on how they should open their economies.


South Carolina allowed the reopening of some retail stores on April 20th. This included department stores, sporting goods stores, flea markets, businesses that sell books, furniture, music, flowers, clothing, and accessories. This was done under the condition that the businesses remained at 20% regular capacity or 5 people per 1000 square feet.
Governor McMaster’s State of Emergency has been extended until May 12th.


South Dakota never issued an official stay at home order. Governor Noem stated that despite that, the citizens of South Dakota were staying home at greater rates than states that had an active shelter in place order.


Governor Lee has allowed restaurants and retail outlets to open as long as they remain at 50% capacity. Additionally, some state parks have been allowed to return to business as usual. There is no official word on when other businesses will be able to reopen or have restrictions lifted.


Stay at Home orders for Texas currently extend till April 30th. Retail stores, restaurants, malls, theaters, museums, and libraries will be allowed to reopen on May 1st if they limit to 25% of their regular operating capacity.


Utah’s “Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive extends until May 1st. Despite that, all schools will remain closed for the remainder of the year.
The state has not issued an official stay at home mandate, but citizens have been urged to stay at home as much as possible and restaurants are not allowed to have dining rooms operating. Utah is currently developing a plan for how and when further restrictions will be lifted.


Vermont has a similar “Stay Safe, Stay Home” order that extends until May 15th. Governor Scott has also developed a 5 point plan on how to open the state while fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. Phase one of the plan included allowing construction businesses, home appraisers, municipal clerks, and property managers to continue work on April 20th if they followed social distancing measures. Starting on May 1st, farmers' markets will be allowed to open as long as the social distancing guidelines are followed.


The state of Virginia’s stay at home order is effective until June 10th. Reopening the state will be done in a way that focuses on public health, says Governor Northam.
Limiting state restrictions will be done in phases outlined in the “Forward Virginia” blueprint. Steps include continued social distancing, limited public gatherings, the use of masks in public, etc. The state will begin reopening when data and health experts suggest it is safe to do so.


Stay at Home orders in Washington state currently last until May 4th. Additionally, most parks and recreational areas will be allowed to open on May 5th.
Washington has joined California, Oregan, Nevada, and Colorado in the Western States Pact to determine when it is safe to reopen their economies.


Governor Justice has introduced the “Comeback Roadmap” as an outline of how the state will reopen going forward. The plan contains three phases that are broken up into weeks. Week one allows hospitals to start elective medical procedures and also allows the reopening of outpatient healthcare including primary care, dental, mental health, and more. Daycare centers will also be allowed to reopen.
Week two would allow businesses with less than 10 workers to go back to work. Restaurants with outdoor seating could resume service and church and funerals services could start again.
In the third phase, which is a three-week process, includes retail stores, gyms, hotels, spas, casinos, and other businesses to reopen. Additionally, offices and government businesses could return. Each of these phases would include the required temperature checks and mask-wearing.


Governor Evers’ stay at home order extends until May 26th. Restrictions were lifted on certain businesses like libraries, arts and crafts stores, and other places that provided materials needed to make face masks as long as they could provide curbside pickup. Golf courses have also opened around the state.


Another state without an official stay at home order, Wyoming did request a federal disaster declaration on April 9th. Currently, all out of state travelers are required to quarantine themselves for 14 days until April 30th.



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What Returning to Work Will Look Like in Offices, Cafes and Factories Around the World

Expect lots of temperature checks and one-way routes. ‘As we experienced in China, this will be a journey.’
Wearable social-distancing buzzers. Masked blackjack dealers. Drive-thru electronics purchases. From cubicles to factory floors, cafes to clothing boutiques, businesses around the world are dreaming up creative ways to reopen, attempting to start revenue flowing again while minimizing the risk to customers and employees.
The global economy is riding on their ability to pull off that delicate balance. A new flareup of Covid-19 cases could shutter offices, stores, restaurants and manufacturing plants once again, further choking off the flow of goods and services and threatening more jobs. Some governments, such as China, are providing rigorous oversight of the process. Others, including President Donald Trump’s administration, have offered looser guidance and are entrusting businesses to monitor their facilities. Scientists are still studying how the virus is spread, and whether keeping people six feet apart is enough, adding to the risks.
The companies’ plans rely on a steady supply of masks, gloves, thermometers and tests that is likely to strain budgets and manufacturers’ ability to keep up. Social distancing will be built in, with people divided by barriers and kept apart from colleagues and customers, a U-turn after years of movement toward open floor plans. Some companies will monitor employees more closely than ever before, while others will let workers choose how much protection they need. The way we work, shop, travel and eat in 2020 – and probably beyond – is being plotted out in boardrooms around the world.
Here are the changes companies are contemplating for their workplaces in the coming weeks.

The Office

Seats on the shuttle bus to Unilever’s Shanghai offices can be reserved using a chat group. Employees must be masked to board, and they sit on alternating sides, one person to each four-seat row. Upon arrival, each worker scans a QR code and fills out a health status report to get a daily pass to enter. Then comes the temperature check and the hand sanitizer.
Inside the office, movement is tightly regulated. Employees keep their masks on and are encouraged to use the stairs instead of the elevator, with spritzes of hand sanitizer before and after touching the regularly disinfected handrail. In the canteen, a single person is allowed at each four-seat table.
Such measures might seem predictable in a centrally controlled society like China, but some version of them is starting to appear in the West. At Britain’s former state phone monopoly, BT Group Plc, call center workers sit two meters apart, and walkways are designated as one-way to keep people from brushing past each other. Temperature checks are becoming routine at Sistema, the Russian conglomerate, which also says it’s developed its own two-hour test for Covid-19. Employees who come to the office have been tested in the past couple of weeks, though as many as half of the call center workers at MTS, the mobile network controlled by Sistema, are operating out of their homes.

More Room

Flexible space operator Knotel, which runs offices for corporations including Uber and Netflix, says workplace design has to change. Offices will likely be less densely populated, and altered to make them “antiviral,” according to Amol Sarva, Knotel’s chief executive officer.
“Things like ventilation, UV light, density screening, video monitoring, and temperature monitoring, cleaning protocols — those are all going to have to change,” he said. “Certainly there’ll be more space.”
In China, Cushman & Wakefield has helped move nearly a million workers back into 800 million square feet (74 million square meters) of office space. The company is creating a Recovery Readiness manual for landlords and tenants, based in part on its experience in China, that includes colored carpets to create visual boundaries around desks, plexiglass shields between desks that face each other and signs that direct walking traffic in a single direction.

Fewer Meetings

Even when people do come back to the office, meetings will be limited, and large gatherings are out of the question. This week, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg canceled all physical events of 50 or more people through June 2021. The vast majority of employees are required to work from home through May, and those who need to carry on doing so will be able to work at home through the summer.
The road to normalcy may be much longer than that. At Abcam Plc, a British protein research company, 40 out of 300 China-based employees started returning to work in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Hong Kong on Feb. 14. Two months later, the company is running split shifts to maintain distancing for the roughly 50% of employees based in manufacturing, logistics and essential lab work.

The Factory

On Feb. 10, Winly Automotive (Wuhan) Ltd. was assigned a checklist from the government. To reopen, the company would be required to have a one-month stash of masks and sanitizer, take a photo of the supplies, and send it to officials before submitting to a detailed inspection. “The policy has been constantly changing,” said Wang Xuepan, one of the plant’s managers. “It’s very difficult for us to handle.”
In the Seattle area, Boeing Co. has worked with the Washington state labor department on a plan to reopen its factories. It will be doling out cloth masks to most workers, saving the gold-standard N95 masks for a select few in more hazardous conditions.
Unlike office drones, factory workers have to show up in person to get the job done. Figuring out what basic protections they’ll need is part of the challenge. At Boeing, industrial engineers are analyzing the sequence of work on its assembly lines to find ways to spread apart workers.

Taking the Temperature

Airbus SE has divided employees at its plants into red and blue teams, who don’t see each other because they use different routes to enter and exit buildings. Volkswagen AG is allotting more time between shifts and reducing expectations for production because it takes longer for people to move around each other at a safe distance. Ford Motor Co. is experimenting with wearable devices that would buzz workers if they get too close together.
While the virus can be transmitted by people with no symptoms, many manufacturers are doing temperature checks, whether with thermometers, thermal imaging cameras or — in the case of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV in the U.S. — reusable forehead strips.
Fiat Chrysler, whose CEO Mike Manley is one of the executives talking with Trump about reopening the economy, is requiring workers to fill out a health questionnaire two hours before reporting to work each day. They must bring either a hard copy, or scan a QR code with their phone, to prove they aren’t displaying signs of illness or exposure to the virus, according to documents obtained by Bloomberg. Workers can’t enter the plant without it.
Some companies are closing cafeterias in favor of vending machines. Dongfeng PSA in Wuhan is handing out prepared lunchboxes to employees, who must eat at least 1.5 meters apart with their backs to each other.
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. said Chairman Li Shufu wrote a song to keep workers motivated through such dreariness. “A world full of expectations/Turned to dust of yesterday,” the lyrics go. “Their sorrow flowing into the sea/But the flower of love is quietly blooming.”

The Airplane

When air travel resumes in earnest, it’s likely that hand sanitizers, face masks and thermometers will become standard at most major airports, said David Powell, medical adviser for the International Air Transport Association, a trade group. All three have shortcomings, but can also reassure passengers, he said.
The International Civil Aviation Organization, which sets global flying standards, wants to establish a “public health corridor concept.” Under such a plan, major airlines, airports, public authorities and other parties would adopt common protocols for screening, boarding, in-flight procedures, arrivals, customs and baggage.
“We cannot all just stop flying,” Ansa Jordaan, the group’s chief of aviation medicine, said during an April 15 webcast.
Emirates Airline said this week it was the first to conduct rapid Covid-19 blood tests, with results available in 10 minutes for passengers flying Wednesday from Dubai to Tunisia. It plans to extend the procedure to other flights, according to Chief Operating Officer Adel Al Redha.
Other carriers are attempting less invasive measures. Etihad Airways, another major airline in the United Arab Emirates, plans to deploy touchless self-service devices at its hub airport in Abu Dhabi to identify travelers with medical conditions, including the early stages of coronavirus.
In the U.S., American Airlines Group Inc. plans to continue spacing customers apart during boarding and flights, conducting extensive cleanings of aircraft and reducing food and beverage service to limit contact, CEO Doug Parker said in an April 15 video message.
“When you do fly, aircraft cleanliness and social distancing matter greatly,” he said.

The Store

In China, it’s become standard to have your temperature taken any time you want to go shopping. Visitors to the Wuhan International Plaza luxury mall are checked for a fever at the door, before they queue up to be served one at a time at Louis Vuitton.
Levi Strauss & Co. disinfects its Chinese stores three times a day and requires temperature checks for customers, who are expected to wear masks before entering the store. Fitting rooms and products that have been tried on are disinfected each time they’re used.
It’s unclear whether practices implemented in China will make their way to other parts of the world, though several companies said they’ll learn from their experience in Asia.

Drive-Thru Shopping

Another technique is to keep shoppers out of the store altogether. Dixons Carphone Plc, the electronics retailer, is considering plans for contact-free “drive-thru” style stores to limit the risk of coronavirus for staff and customers. Shoppers would park outside, call the store to select items to buy, use a contactless system to pay and then open their trunks so staff could deliver the products.
Salespeople at luxury retailers in China were already using social media to engage with customers before the outbreak, but they’ve stepped up the effort since, adding clients on WeChat and sending them information about the latest trends. Louis Vuitton tried showcasing its summer product line in a livestream show on March 26 featuring a social-media star, but was ridiculed for the quality of the video. Sometimes there’s no substitute for personal contact.

The Restaurant

Buffets and salad bars will be re-thought, and self-serve drink stations may be “a thing of the past,” said Taco John’s CEO Jim Creel, who added that other changes are afoot at the 387-store chain. Taco John’s popular salsa bar — around for the past 15 years — may be removed.
“We hope we don’t have to take them out — that we’ll be able to figure out a way to make them still work — but I’m afraid the fear factor our there will force us to go to a pre-packaged option.”
A test of self-ordering kiosks may also get pulled back. “It was a good idea three months ago, but not so good today,” Creel said.

Phone Pay

In China, restaurants and even bars have opened back up in Shanghai, with varying limits on seating arrangements – some allow six to a table, others only one. In Beijing, restaurants are doing temperature checks. In Wuhan, most places are still delivery-only.
“In the short run, as dining rooms open back up again, you’ll probably see many restaurants space their tables a little bit further apart,” said Jack Li, CEO of menu researcher Datassential. “You’ll see more restaurants try to adopt phone pay. So not having to hand your money or card to anyone. You’re certainly going to see more places continue to do things like contactless delivery.”
Starbucks Corp. is taking a store-by-store approach to resuming business activities in the U.S., with services limited to drive-thru, delivery and takeout via mobile orders and contactless pickup.
“As we experienced in China, this will be a journey,” CEO Kevin Johnson wrote in a memo to staff on Thursday.

The Menu

Chains are cutting back menus, focusing on products that sell best and are easy to make. Romano’s Macaroni Grill has pared down its menu to 70% of what it used to be, saying goodbye to pizzas and calzones recently. McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu is gone.
Fazoli’s Italian restaurant chain is trying to secure Purell sanitizing stations – four for each store — along with “millions” of alcohol-based wipes for re-opening the dining rooms of its 216 locations. The company is also re-thinking bathrooms and looking into touch-less soap dispensers. It’s an investment, but a worthwhile one, says CEO Carl Howard.
“I want to let the consumer know I’m doing everything I can to keep them as safe as possible,” Howard said in an interview.

The Arena

Large public gatherings aren’t top of mind yet in China, but Trump and the people who run the U.S.’s biggest sports leagues appear aligned in their thinking that live games, at least in some form, are a critical part of helping the country recover.
“The progression needs to be open outdoor sports first, golf, tennis, swimming so that we can start to test the waters — that I’m fine with,” said billionaire Mark Cuban, who owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.
One obstacle may be local politicians. When UFC floated plans to host an event this weekend on tribal land in California without spectators, it was pressure from politicians, including Governor Gavin Newsom, that led to its cancellation. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has reportedly discussed the possibility of prohibiting large gatherings like concerts and sporting events in the city for another year.

The Movies

That said, there’s billions on the line for sports leagues, sponsors and media networks if the games don’t resume soon. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious-disease expert, has said that that the only way to do that this summer is to close venues to fans and keep all the players, coaches and referees isolated from society.
Cinema owners are also waiting to see when health officials give them clearance to open up. Cinemark Holdings Inc., the third-largest U.S. movie chain, has been in discussions with major film studios about when to release blockbusters again. The chain’s management thinks they could begin bringing back staff starting in late June, then build up a marketing campaign for a broader re-opening on July 1.
The experience won’t be like it was before coronavirus hit. The chain will either have to limit the available tickets for each showing, leaving about half its seats open. Or it may eliminate reserved seating, so customers can voluntarily spread themselves out when they arrive. Cleaning will have to be ramped up, and opening hours may be limited to accommodate the changes.
“How long that will take? We’re not completely certain,” said Mark Zoradi, Cinemark’s CEO, on a call with analysts and investors on Wednesday. “But we’re planning on anywhere from one to three months to light up that engine again and then to begin with higher profile, new product.”

The Casino

Las Vegas casino executives have discussed opening with as little as one-third of their rooms available, with limited entrances where guests’ temperatures could be checked. Casino employees would wear masks and gloves, and gamblers would sit at least a chair apart at blackjack tables.
The moves are similar to what is already occurring in Macau, the world’s largest gambling market, where casinos closed for 15 days in February and reopened under tight restrictions.
The companies are also discussing enhanced cleaning techniques, something unions have requested.

Fun Parks

The $19.3 billion U.S. theme park industry is also making plans, though no one knows when gates will reopen.
When they do, employees may be wearing masks and temperatures may be checked not only at the entrances but inside as well, said Dennis Speigel, a theme park consultant in Cincinnati. Operators may also institute virtual queues, where guests snag a place in line through an app and come to ride when it’s their turn.
“The theme park of the future is going to have to take a much different turn, from distancing to wanding to cleaning,” Speigel said. “I’ve never heard the fear in the voices that I’ve heard. Nobody knows what they’re going to be doing.”
Bloomberg News - With assistance from Thomas Buckley, Thomas Seal, Dana Hull, Natalie Wong, Julie Johnsson, Charlotte Ryan, Christoph Rauwald, Kyunghee Park, Gabrielle Coppola, Shiho Takezawa, Tian Ying, Chunying Zhang, Keith Naughton, Mary Schlangenstein, Justin Bachman, Layan Odeh, Jordyn Holman, Deirdre Hipwell, Robert Williams, Kim Bhasin, Jinshan Hong, Claire Che, Leslie Patton, Kelly Gilblom and Christopher Palmeri.
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Advice needed for relocating to LV NV from Bronx NYC! Any advice would be Rad !

Advice Please :)
So I am Looking to moving from NYC (The Bronx) to Las Vegas NV. I am looking for a minimum five bedroom house because renting is pointless in my opinion. (Also, If I am buying a home, I would like the option of renting it out after maybe a year as an investment.)
I will admit! My goals and ambitions are huge and I can miss the negatives, and other positives! so I thought maybe I could reach out for some advice or pointers from anyone! I am new NOT remotely knowledgeable on the true day to day headaches hassles and horse ship.. But I have visited many times (off and on strip) and feel comfortable with all the conversations and research that I've done on the city and its surroundings to relocate. I am OVER NYC, the cold, the people, the prices, work, the everything that is here. I make 64k a year and currently Pay $1400 for a one bedroom apartment in the Bronx, no car (no parking, parking garages locally don't guarantee your spot even if you pay!) Lets just cut the rant short.
I am 32, Male, got a BA in English, MA in Psych, and over a decade of experience as a Trainer, Executive Assistant, Social Worker, and a Recruiter. Now my huge issue at the moment is that The job market is not interested (it seems) in hiring anyone unless you are currently there, in my experience at least 3x they say please re apple when you are here.. Now.. I also write perform produce music and acting on reality tv. and I have a lady that makes equal funding as me with the same credentials minus the Degrees. So I am confident I will have funds to live safe for a year without work JUST IN CASE.
However, my question is where is best for a guy that is Very Experienced in the office and human services area, if they are looking for work? Sadly I am Not one to do uber, taxi, restaurant, casino, etc, Which i understand is huge where I am moving, BUT it also is huge here in NYC and yet there is still so much more job wise here.

Any tips of where to look job wise for guys that love to Train staff, Recruit, Executive Assistant type stuff? Just any kinda tips would be rad! Sorry for the long details. just looking for any and all tips and advice from some locals! or those who have relocated like this :)
I Sincerely hope you all are doing awesome.

All the Breast to All the Rest! - ReadySteady!
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12 Full Time Jobs in Las Vegas Hiring Now!

Company Name Title Country State City Employment Type
United Road Towing Light/ Heavy Tow Operators & Freeway Service Patrol US NV North Las Vegas FULL_TIME
Pacific Architects and Engineers LLC (PAE LLC) Aviation Deputy Program Manager (DPM) (Nellis AFB) with Security Clearance US NV North Las Vegas FULL_TIME
Deloitte Cyber Engineer US NV Las Vegas FULL_TIME
DaVita Medical Group RN Chemotherapy Infusion US NV Las Vegas FULL_TIME
Quest Diagnostics Phlebotomist II - Float- Las Vegas, NV req37523 US NV Las Vegas FULL_TIME
Criterion Systems, Inc. Windows System Administrator with Security Clearance US NV n Las Vegas FULL_TIME
MGM Resorts International Senior Application Support Engineer - Casino Systems (Corporate) US NV Las Vegas FULL_TIME
MGM Resorts International Senior Release Automation Engineer (Corporate) US NV Las Vegas FULL_TIME
MGM Resorts International Dynamic Pricing Manager (Corporate) US NV Las Vegas FULL_TIME
InterDent Service Corporation Hygienist - 5 stars on Glassdoor! US NV Las Vegas FULL_TIME
Market Miller, Inc Customer Service Representative Entry Level, PAYS WELL US NV North Las Vegas FULL_TIME
O'Reilly Auto Parts Parts Delivery US NV North Las Vegas FULL_TIME
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in las vegas. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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Aerophobia – Patient Record LSA6041778-W

Patient Name: Lucan-Smith, Autumn
Age: 37
Sex: Female
Diagnosis: Aerophobia; fear of flying.
The following is a speech to text transcript spanning multiple sessions between Patient LSA6041778-W and Dr. H. Phineas Denton, who has annotated it with his own notes. The passenger manifest of Patient LSA6041778-W’s ill-fated flight suggests another candidate of interest may have been present. This, however, is likely a coincidence, as neither case has an obvious link.
Agent 11 recovered these from a locked desk drawer in Denton’s home office in Boulder City, NV. Denton reported a robbery when he returned home from running errands. Recommend retraining or reassignment for Agent 11.
Ms. Lucan-Smith was removed from Southwest Airlines flight 712 in a sorry state. My patient was hyperventilating to the point of losing consciousness, reawakening, and beginning the process again. I hesitate to call the period between passing out a "lucid" state because her extreme phobia had rendered her unable to respond to any stimulus. She whispered "no" to herself repeatedly, shaking and crying, until her body went limp for a few moments. I wasn't present for this, myself, but I have watched footage sent over from McCarran Airport. By the time Ms. Lucan-Smith arrived at my office, she was no longer panicking but the extreme fear had exhausted her. She fell asleep several times while we talked before I decided to end the session.
Denton: Hi, Ms. Smith. I’m Dr. Denton. Before we get started, can I get you a water or a soda?
Lucan-Smith has her arms wrapped around her even though, in typical Vegas fashion, it is decidedly warm outside. Her eyes are red and she has a tissue clutched in one fist.
Lucan-Smith: It’s Lucan-Smith, actually. Hyphenated. I wanted to keep my maiden name for my work. And nothing, thank you. I’m fine.
Denton: I’m going to grab a cherry Pepsi for myself. What line of work are you in?
Lucan-Smith sits in the large, plush chair I keep in the corner of the room. Patients with anxiety – though not claustrophobic patients – usually choose that chair.
Lucan-Smith: Physics. Well, physics with a little geology, actually. I investigate light diffraction in different types of crystals. Lately, I’ve been looking at ambient light data from NOAA satellites and how it relates to crystalline structures in local geologic features.
Denton: Well, that’s… pretty fascinating, actually. What is the NOAA?
Lucan-Smith slowly releases herself from her own embrace as she talks. I hand her a bottle of water as I return from my mini-fridge and she leans forward to accept it.
Lucan-Smith: The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. They own the National Weather Service and all the… network of satellites up there collecting terabytes of data every day. It’s a really valuable resource.
Denton: It sounds that way. I might ask you to tell me more about your work off the clock. I bet you’ve got some findings you’re dying to tell someone who will listen.
She smiles.
Lucan-Smith: I do.
Denton: So. You had an eventful flight.
Lucan-Smith: You could say that.
Denton: What I got from the EMTs says another passenger – man, I really shouldn’t say this since I’m a mental health professional – another passenger went nuts and tried to open the door of your plane. My god. And then he was restrained by three flight attendants.
Lucan-Smith: He got free at one point and went for the emergency release handle again.
Denton: Jesus. Sorry, excuse my language. That’s just-
Lucan-Smith: Oh, it’s fine. I said a lot worse on the plane.
I nod, trying to convey approval and acceptance at that. I can’t say I would have done different.
Denton: And then what happened?
Her bottle of water slips out of her hands and falls to floor as her eyes shut briefly.
Lecan-Smith: Sorry. I’m sorry. I’m just so tired. You wanted to know about after he, uh, after they got him. I… Well, I’ve never been good at flying. My dad flew a lot when I was a kid and I remember being creeped out by the whole thing. I have to pop a Xanax or two every time I fly and, I know this is bad, but I chase it with a beer when I’m really shaky. When that guy tried to open the door, though, I couldn’t keep my mind off all the horrible things that could happen. They just kept fucking popping in there. Everyone getting sucked out the door, heads slamming against the frame and exploding in a mess of blood and brains. The plane depressurizing and freezing everyone to death. A body going through the engine and fucking it like those geese in that Sully Sullenberger plane, then the whole plane falling. What it would feel like in my stomach. What I would see out the window, all those green and tan squares growing like a bad acid trip. Wanting desperately to die so I didn’t have to watch my fate race up at me. And then fire. If I survived the crash, burning to death in jet fuel.
Lucan-Smith: It just kept playing on repeat like a DVD menu from hell. And when it stopped, I was in an ambulance on my way to the psych ward at Desert Springs. Then I called up my insurance and ended up here.
I need to note here that my patient is describing psychosis. While commonly associated with severe mental illnesses, use of some controlled substances, and even types of meditation, it can be a symptom of an extremely stressful episode. In short, Autumn’s consciousness was not present in the physical world. She was elsewhere, in nightmare land. Prior to Autumn, I have never come across a patient with a phobia so severe it brought on a fully psychotic episode. This is a profound case of aerophobia.
Denton: You said flying’s always been tough for you. Do you remember a time when it was ever easier? What I mean is, did it become less scary for a time and then become scarier after, say, really bad turbulence? Or maybe it gets scarier every time?
Lucan-Smith: I think it’s gotten worse…
Her eyes fall shut again for about half a second before she jerks herself awake.
Lucan-Smith: Whoa. Oh my gosh, I’m sorry! I think it’s gotten worse each time I set foot on an airplane. Maybe I think my time is closer to being at hand after each successful landing. How many do I get?
Her eyes flutter.
Denton: Ms. Lucan-Smith – Autumn – you’ve had a rough day. I have a free appointment tomorrow at 11. Why don’t you come back then? No charge for today’s visit.
Autumn leaves and I have my secretary call to book her a cheap room for the night. It’s at a casino and probably stinks of cigarettes and buffet farts, but it’s cheap. The next session is fairly uneventful; Autumn tells me about her past history with flying which is, predictably, troubled. In phobia cases, I usually try to use either exposure therapy (gradually easing the patient into their discomfort zone) or implosion therapy (exposing the patient to the most extreme version of their discomfort). These are both behaviorist methods and the best tool for the job depends on both the patient’s personality and the nature of the fear. For Autumn, however, I don’t think either will work. She just experienced the most extreme aerophobic implosion therapy I can imagine and came out much worse than she went in.
I’m not a Freudian psychologist, and I often think hypnotherapy has a lot in common with good fertilizer: they’re both bullshit. Autumn did, however, mention that her father flew a lot for work and that she used to go with him. She wasn’t scared of flying as a very young child, but started to associate negative emotions with it around age 7 or 8. I have to wonder if one of those early flights ran into a problem she’s either forgotten or doesn’t want to remember.
Autumn is effectively stuck in Nevada while her husband and son are in Tallahassee, FL with Autumn’s mother-in-law. She desperately wants to be with them, and I can understand that. I want to help her be able to board a flight and find comfort with her family. With that in mind, I call Derek Proschutz, a friend from graduate school who practices more new-agey remedies like meditation. And hypnosis. I drive Autumn to Derek’s office – one corner of which is so crowded with incense sticks it looks like the Tunguska forest, post-explosion – and watch over the procedure.
Proschutz: She’s under now. It’s not like you see on TV, Phin. You can still talk and interact like normal, she’s just very relaxed. Very… ‘reflective’ is the appropriate word, I think. Don’t bring the energy up too much; if she gets frightened or finds something funny, we’ll have to put her under again.
Denton: Autumn, I want you to consider those plane flights-
Proschutz: I’m going to bring in some lavender essential oils to create a nice atmosphere.
Denton: Uh, sure. Good idea. Autumn, think about the flights with your dad when you were very young. Remember the clothes you wore, the games you took with you, what you wanted to watch on-
Proschutz: Phin, would you like some rooibos tea for your session?
Denton: Uh… No, man. We’re… I’m good.
Proschutz: Remember, keep the energy low. You seem like you’re getting worked up.
Collaboration is hard sometimes.
Denton: What was your father like, Autumn?
Lucan-Smith: Did you ever read The Great Gatsby?
Denton: The green light over the bay. Yes.
Lucan-Smith: Do you remember the billboard? The oculist?
Denton: Doctor T. J. Eckleburg.
Lucan-Smith: I knew I liked you for a reason. Yeah, him. The description of the billboard always reminded me of my father. Good old Guy Lucan. He was bald with two intelligent, judgmental eyes behind round wire frames.
Denton: The two of you didn’t get along?
Lucan-Smith: We did when I was young. I think he joked around a lot more back then. Or maybe I just didn’t know what normal human behavior was like and I felt comfortable around him because he was my dad. When I got older, though, nothing was good enough for him. My math grades weren’t high enough, I didn’t run fast enough in track. He wanted me to go into anthropology because the “real mysteries of humanity lay there.” To almost everyone else, physics is the hard science and anthro the soft. To Guy Lucan, it was the opposite. And his taste in friends ran contrary to typical common sense, too. Anyone you saw on the street or tucked away in, like, a strange voodoo shop that you might think looked creepy, or molester-ish, or unibomber-esque, they were my dad’s best buds. And not just weirdos, but criminals. Dangerous people. He’s dead now, and I’m sure that’s why.
Is this falling out with her father the real story here? Did that sour her to flying and magnify every negative aspect about it? If so, could that even help in rehabilitating her?
Denton: Think about the last time you had fun on a trip with him. Where were you going?
Lucan-Smith: We… I think we were coming back from Mexico. I remember him teaching me how to say “Jalisco”. So I guess we were in Guadalajara. That makes sense because I remember seeing a picture of Felix Gallardo, the leader of the fucking Guadalajara Cartel, on America’s Most Wanted or something and feeling like I knew him. “Mom,” I said, “that’s Don Felix, dad’s friend!” She turned the TV off. I think she already knew, though. They were separated about 6 months after that.
Lucan-Smith: Anyway, we had just met with Don Felix. He and my dad drank tequila from the bottle with the worm and joked through the night. Then Don Felix waved over two jacked dudes who set a big army duffel bag on the table. My dad unzipped it to find dozens of carved figurines. You know those Olmec heads? Small versions of those, some freaky-faced suns, Mayan 2012 death calendars, these striated ovals that looked like they were made out of obsidian. They made me feel bad when I looked at them, like I had walked in on someone changing. My dad’s pilot brought a case of money to the table and then there was more drinking and laughing.
Denton: Then you went to the plane?
Lucan-Smith: Yeah, then we got back in the plane and took off from a dirt strip in a cotton field. It was bumpy. Then…
Autumn is quiet for a long time. I don’t want to interrupt her thought process but I begin to wonder if she’s fallen asleep again.
Lucan-Smith: Lightning! There’s lightning but I can see stars. The plane starts to shake. I get out of my seat and lay on the floor on top of one of dad’s bags. I have my cheek pushed against the blue notebook he tapped against his thigh when he was on the phone. It smells like – ugh – mildew and wet dirt. Or creosote mixed with rotting fruit?
Lucan-Smith: The pilot, he sees me. He turns around and says, “Honey, I need you to get back in your seat and buckle the belt, ok? We’ll be fine but you could fall and get a scrape on your knee. How about you come up here with me and read one of your story books?” His name was George, I think.
Lucan-Smith: I go up to the front with George and then I can see the clouds. Weird, sulfurous clouds swirling around us. They looked like cartoon pollution clouds from Captain Planet. The plane shook harder in the storm and-
Autumn goes silent again. I try to ask a question but she holds up a hand like she’s on the phone. Then she opens her eyes.
Lucan-Smith: I think I’m fully awake now. I remember what happened to George, though. He hit his head against the glass when the plane jerked. I could see a smear of blood when he slumped in his seat. My dad pulled George out of the seat and took the wheel. I know you’re supposed to call it a stick in a plane, but this one actually looked like a wheel. The storm cleared up and we landed. George was dead.
Denton: One of the vivid thoughts you pictured on the Southwest flight was people banging their heads against the door frame. I wonder if it came from this?
Lucan-Smith: The way the lightning flashed through the blood, like red cello paper… Some of the blood I imagined did flow far enough to cover the windows. Yeah; it looked just like that. I remember dreaming about this, about George, but I thought… I thought I made it up. Just a nightmare.
Proschutz: Would you like to go back under?
Lucan-Smith: No, I think I want to go back to my hotel room. I don’t feel very well.
I drove Autumn back to the Circus Circus. It was a quiet ride, Autumn’s eyes stared out the windshield, unfocused and unseeing. Presumably, she was reliving her childhood memories.
The next morning, I had missed a call from Autumn. Her husband and son were flying back from Florida to their new home in Oregon. It was the first time any of them would actually see the house – they had moved to accommodate Autumn’s new job at OSU – and she wanted to be there with them. She did say there was a silver lining to being stranded in Las Vegas; she didn’t have to go on her son’s first airplane ride with him where he could pick up all her anxieties and phobias. I had to agree.
Autumn wanted to try implosion therapy and recreate the conditions of that last flight she took with her father. I had mentioned in our second session that I knew a Cessna pilot who helped me treat fear of flying. When I told her I would have to ask about the pilot’s schedule, Autumn told me money was no object; if the pilot could be free today with a five thousand dollar bonus, that was best. I didn’t peg Autumn as someone with a lot of extra money, so I knew her desire to see her family was strong. She wanted to conquer her fears so she could go home. It was brave and noble. I told her I’d see what I could do.
As luck would have it, Elisa Maldonado was free. She had been fine tuning her plane’s engine – a task she seemed to be in the middle of every time I called her – and stopped for a quick breakfast at the airport café. We had a delay of about an hour while Elisa filed our flight manifest, but we were in the air before lunch.
Lucan-Smith: You know, I remembered some weird things but I think playing with my Teddy Ruxpin while my dad partied with a drug kingpin is probably the weirdest one. Maybe not the most mentally scarring. But definitely weird.
Denton: Maybe your dad was more Meyer Wolfsheim than T. J. Eckleburg?
Autumn laughs and leans back in her seat. We’re ascending through minor turbulence and she doesn’t seem phased. I’m proud of her but also astounded. From psychosis to complete serenity after one hypnotherapy treatment? If anything, Autumn seemed impatient.
Maldonado: Phineas, get up here.
Denton: Something wrong?
Maldonado: Look at that shit. Fucking thunderstorm erupted out of nothing as soon as we hit 7,000 feet. Looks like it’s blowing right toward us.
Denton: Can we go around it or land?
Maldonado: I’m going to try to go around it. Landing might be hard because it’s a congested time. Especially with that bitch of a storm rolling in.
Denton: Autumn, I have some bad news. There’s a storm heading our way.
Lucan-Smith: I know. Very yellow, right? Cartoon pollution?
I looked out the cockpit window again. She was right.
Denton: Yes.
Lucan-Smith: Look, Dr. Denton, I think I should come clean about yesterday. When I said my dad partying with Don Felix was the weirdest thing I remembered, you didn’t know that there was a lot of competition for that top spot.
Lucan-Smith: George died, yeah, but… The artifacts my dad got from the drug dealers. The ones that made me feel weird, the black eggs? They started shaking before the plane. Before the lightning. Obviously I was too young to make a connection at the time, but I think they were calling to something. It’s simple physics; the more altitude you give a transmitter, the farther it can reach. There are fewer obstacles in the way to impede the signal.
Lucan-Smith: That’s what happened with those eggs. And the feeling changed. At the villa, I felt like I was watching it. As the plane shook, I felt like they were watching me. And what they were thinking… it wasn’t good.
Maldonado: What the fuck did you get me into, Phineas? I’ve never seen a storm move like this. It’s like it’s got goddamn fingers reaching out at us!
Lucan-Smith: When my dad realized what was happening, he had me lay down on the bag of trinkets to keep them still. He pulled out a little walkie-talkie and started screaming into it. “Camelot! Camelot! Come in, damn you! I have Items 26 and 27 but we’re under attack. I think it might be some kind of sonic weapon. Was there any chatter stateside about my mission? Camelot?” It was like he was playing soldier.
Denton: Autumn, why didn’t you tell me this? Was he part of a DEA operation or something?
The turbulence in our own plane was considerable. The midday light that had been streaming through the windows had faded to a sickly mustard color and I could hear Elisa cursing as she fought with the controls in the cockpit.
Lucan-Smith: I didn’t go to the cockpit with George to read then; he was too busy fighting to keep the plane stable. I stayed in the back with Dad, who told me to put the black eggs in my dress pockets. When the yellow clouds swirling around our plane started to seep in under the doors and seams in the bolted hull, I was right there laying on top of the army duffel bag. The fog streamed past my face – fast enough to sound like a Coke can opening in slow motion – and coalesced into a misty, malformed body, like a hologram projected onto dry ice smoke.
Lucan-Smith: It touched my father’s hand, almost like a handshake, and he writhed in pain. When he finally extricated himself from it, his hand dripped with blood. The nails were gone. And then it spoke.
Lucan-Smith: “Guy Lucan. You owe me life. You took my body from me and now,” the cloud raised one tendril that was polka-dotted with gory fingernails, “I take yours.”
Lucan-Smith: My dad looked in my direction. “Go, Autumn. Give those to George.” I left but, behind me, I could hear him say, “I have the vessels. You need them to walk the earth again. Isn’t that right, Safir? Kill me and you get nothing.”
Lucan-Smith: “Where?” it asked.
Lucan-Smith: My dad called for George to set the autopilot and join him in the back. I was crouched on the floor, peeking around the corner. George put on a brave face and puffed out his chest as he strode toward whatever cotton candy demon he was going to face down with my father. My father put a hand on George’s shoulder. One single pat. Then he threw open the airplane door and kicked George out. His head cracked against the bulkhead and blood splattered across the window. I rushed to the cockpit window to see him. I had just handed George the two black eggs and I could see one spiral out of his coat pocket as he fell, shrinking into the yellow void. The mist itself chased down after George, save for the ghoul wearing my father’s hastily removed fingernails. “This will be the last time you trick me, Lucan,” it said. “I will have Lucan blood. I will wear Lucan flesh. If not yours, then someone you love. Your bloodline will end, Guy Lucan.”
Lucan-Smith: “You’d better not let the vessels fall so low you can’t catch them,” was all my father said in return. He flew the rest of the way back, talking on his radio and reading out of the blue book that stank like a grave.
Denton: Autumn, I think this might be your psychosis manifesting itself again. We’re in a plane, it’s a stressful event, you’re distracting yourself from real life.
Lucan-Smith: No, Dr. Denton, I’m not. Something happened on that Southwest flight. I heard a voice, something whispering ‘Safir’ to me. It was important. It felt like something was coming and… and all I could see were plane crashes clouding the inside of my brain. I think it was a message. Safir is back and he’s going to follow through on his threat. Lucan blood will be spilled.
I shook my head and stood up. Maybe I was wrong about Autumn. Maybe she wasn’t a mentally healthy woman with a severe phobia capable of producing psychoses. Maybe the psychoses and the phobia were driven by some deeper, insidious disorder I had missed.
Lucan-Smith: And my son goes on his first flight today. In two and a half hours. He and I are the only Lucans left. If I didn’t convince you to get me up here, Safir would be coming for him. But, instead, he’s here.
As she says this, Autumn points at the seam of the Cessna door where thick yellow smoke pours into the cabin.
Lucan-Smith: You helped me realize what was actually going on. Thank you.
Golden strands of cloudy haze wrapped themselves around Autumn’s torso, enveloping her.
Lucan-Smith: Hey, now you’re Nick. You’re the outsider who gets to peek in. See you ‘round, Old Sport.
Autumn was entirely obscured from my sight, then the mist filled the cabin entirely. It was so dense I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. Then, as if a switch flipped, it was gone. The sky outside the plane was clear and there was no turbulence.
Maldonado: What in the actual shit was that? Phineas, how long do you think we've been up here?
Denton: I don’t… Autumn?
Maldonado: Feels like about a half hour to me. Maybe forty-five minutes. Right, Phineas?
Denton: Yeah. I'd say so. Autumn, where are you? Did you fall out of your seat?
Maldonado: All my clocks show we've been up here two hours. Two hours! But we've still got a full tank of gas. How does that happen?
Denton: Interesting. Autumn? Elisa, where the hell is Autumn?
Maldonado: Your patient is gone? Did- Holy shit, did she fall out? What the fuck?
When Elisa and I finally landed, Elisa’s Cessna was seized for a ‘quarantine watch’. Whatever that is. I don’t know how they knew where to find us, or how they even knew they should. ‘They’ didn’t even tell us who they were. I didn’t report Autumn missing until we were on the ground and the police didn’t know anything about it. So whoever showed up in black SUVs certainly was not LVPD.
The police questioned Elisa and me intensively, but ultimately decided we didn’t have anything to do with the disappearance. No one had fallen onto the Strip from eight thousand feet. Autumn just vanished.
Additional note: Several patient files are missing from my filing cabinet at the Las Vegas office. I’ve moved this file to my home office for safety. I’m probably being paranoid, but I can’t shake the feeling there’s a connection between the missing files and the seizure of Elisa’s plane.
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